Crank-It Channel and Straight Drop Awnings


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    Crank-It Channel Awnings eliminate the need for any ropes, pulleys and awkward tie-down points. Using a channel to guide both fabric & bottom rails, the Crank-It awning combines both flexibility and simplicity.
    • Fabric, hardware & architectural elements can be colour-coordinated to your home.
    • Large top rollers provide consistency & reliability over larger spans & drops.
    • Available with optional stainless steel fittings
    • Easy Crank handle operation
    • Can be motorised
    • Fabric tensioning and locking systems create smoother fabric
      Custom Straight Drop external awnings are secured by tie-down straps eliminating the need for any ropes or pulleys. A crank control is standard or can be optioned for remote control motor operation. Fabric, hardware and trims can be colour-coordinated for every application. Crank-It Channel Awnings and Custom Straight Drop awnings are suitable for open plan decks & living areas, come in a wide choice of fabric options and can be motorised for ease of operation.

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