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Alpha Awning System


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    Designed in Australia to suit Australian conditions, the Alpha Awning Series is a modern awning system suited to all building exteriors. All five awning styles use common hardware for a consistent appearance. Personalise the perfect awning to suit your requirements. Alpha Awnings styles are available in Straight Drop, Deep Channel, Cable Guide, Side Retention System and Pivot Arm. Also available is the Ultra-wide Alpha M System. Alpha Straight Drops Awnings Straight Drop Awnings are sleek and simple and available in various finishes. A traditional awning style that uses no guides, making it ideal for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. Hold-down straps can be used to hold the awning down at various points. This system is most suited to Crank Handle Operation. Alpha Cable Guide Awnings Alpha Cable Guide Awnings are a sleek and contemporary straight drop option for sun/UV protection, airflow & where channels are not suitable. The cables are high tensile 2.5mm 316-grade marine stainless steel making them perfect for coastal or high moisture applications. Cable Awnings are available in a range of fabrics and trim colours and can be operated by Manual Crank Operation or Motorisation. Alpha Side Retention System Alpha Awning Side Retention System (SRS) is a straight drop option ideal for sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications enclosing a balcony and creating privacy. The fabric is tensioned by utilising a floating channel within the special two-piece side channel, eliminating the possibility of fabric 'blowouts' or light gaps. The SRS Awning is available with the 'Light Lift' Operating option. This system allows you to raise and lower the awning to any desired position by simply moving the bottom rail by hand. The internal smooth spring mechanism provides a lightweight & effortless operation without resistance. Available in a range of fabric and trim colours to suit any colour scheme. Pivot Arm Alpha Pivot Awnings are perfect for outward opening windows to circulate airflow and reduce direct sunlight into the home. The Pivot Arms allow a variety of options when lowering or raising the awning to provide more or less light and heat control. An attractive and stylish option, Pivot Arm Awnings can be operated by Internal Cord Winch, Crank Handle or Motorisation. Alpha M Awning The Alpha M awning system offers unparalleled strength and performance, developed for diverse weather conditions and adapted locally for Australia's harsh climate. The Alpha M System is available in ultra-wide limitations with widths up to 6.5 metres and drops up to 4 metres. Stance fabric, which has been specifically designed for the Alpha System, is available in a range of modern colours. Alpha M has a patented self-tensioning system and is available as a motorised operation only.    

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