In the realm of home improvement, the integration of technology has revolutionised the way we interact with our living spaces. Our motorised awnings, stand out as a sophisticated solution to elevating your home and offer a myriad of benefits that go beyond mere sun protection. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the advantages of motorised awnings and provide an overview of the diverse range offered by Custom Curtains and Shade.

Benefits of Installing Motorised Awnings

Motorisation of blinds and awnings, brings forth a range of benefits that redefine convenience, enhance energy efficiency, and bolster safety and security. With motorised blinds and awnings, you have the power to control your living environment effortlessly. Here’s a closer look at the key advantages:

  • Increased Convenience: Imagine effortlessly controlling blinds and awnings from your sofa, eliminating manual cranks or cords for unparalleled convenience.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Precisely manage light and temperature levels to adapt to changing weather, reducing the need for artificial heating or cooling.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Our motorised awnings can be programmed to move when you’re away, creating an illusion of an occupied home and deterring potential intruders for added peace of mind.

Our Range of Motorised Awnings

1. Aluminium Roller Shutters

Our Rollashield Roller Shutters, a testament to superior security, sound control, and insulation for your home, feature a double-walled cavity with PU foam injection. The curved slat design ensures optimal lateral strength and minimal roll sizes, offering a sleek solution that fits almost any window size. Roller shutters provide light control, security, a wide range of colors, protection from the elements, and the option for motorisation. Learn more about our range of Aluminium Roller Shutters here

2. Alpha Awning System

The Alpha Awning Series, meticulously designed in Australia for Australian conditions, offers a versatile solution for all building exteriors. The series comprises five distinct styles that share common hardware for a consistent appearance:

  • Straight Drop Awnings: Ideal for sun/UV protection, airflow, and where channels are not suitable. Suited for Crank Handle Operation.
  • Cable Guide Awnings: A sleek and contemporary straight drop option for sun/UV protection, airflow, and coastal or high-moisture applications. Available for Manual Crank Operation or Motorisation.
  • Side Retention System (SRS): Ideal for sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications, and privacy. Features a ‘Light Lift’ Operating option for effortless raising and lowering.
  • Pivot Arm Awnings: Perfect for outward opening windows, offering options for light and heat control. Available for Internal Cord Winch, Crank Handle, or Motorisation.
  • Alpha M Awning: Unparalleled strength and performance with widths up to 6.5 meters and drops up to 4 meters. Exclusively available as a motorised operation, featuring a patented self-tensioning system.

Learn more about our range of Alpha Awning Systems here

3. Folding Arm Awnings

Perfect for locations requiring protection from the elements at specific times, folding arm awnings offer a sleek addition to outdoor living spaces. With motorised control or affordable manual winding, these awnings provide flexibility and style. Learn more about our range of Folding Arm Awnings here

4. Motorised External Venetians

Our Helioscreen External Venetian Blinds present a modern and functional solution for window-covering in any home or office application. Customisable in terms of colors, blade sizes, and guiding systems, External Venetians optimise heat, glare, and privacy control. Learn more about our range of Motorised External Venetians here

Motorised awnings have evolved into an integral component of modern living, offering not just sun protection but an elevated living experience. At Custom Curtains and Shade, our diverse range ensures that every homeowner can find the perfect solution to complement their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. 

Are you ready to elevate your home with our stunning custom-made awnings? Custom Curtains and Shade are here to help! Contact us today on 07 5441 6000 or to request a quote online visit our Request a Quote page. 

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