Bedspreads are a lovely way to incorporate style and decoration into any bedroom and they make the morning ritual of making the bed so easy. Customise your bedspread by choosing a style and fabric that suits your decor. Bedspreads can be made in standard bedsizes or custom made to suit unusual sizes. At Custom Curtains and Shade we have a large range of fabrics available suitable for use as soft furnishings and bedspreads.

A custom made bedspread can be made in the following styles:

Throwover – a flat bedspread that is not fitted but falls to the floor at the end and each side. It is a slightly more casual style and can be made quilted or plain. The throwover style bedspread can also be made with a long top or reverse top to cover your pillows.

Throwover Style Bedspread
Gathered Style Bedspread
Slimline Bedspread
Boxed Style Bedspread with Long Top
Nightcap with Valance
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